Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Home of Hope cannot save every child from the streets. At times, we face discouragement that is hard to bear. But each of us continues to do what we can, in this place where God has put us. And the children God puts in our path continue to be a gift to us all.
However without you, it could not happen.

We invite you to do what you can, with whatever you have, where you are, to help us meet children’s needs.
​We are grateful that you are a part of this sprawling extended family, and we hope you will keep in touch and visit! 


Here you can choose the amount you want to offer and a way in which you want to do it.



From the USA

If you are donating from the USA, you can also use the Missionaries of Africa donation form.

Donating from the USA




If you are donating from Europe you can use options listed below. We are providing a basic description of how we can assist children with the amount you choose. Each of the amount can be multiplied using toggle. 

During the checkout you will be able to choose donation via TINGG (our service provider), or direct deposit option.


Please choose the amount to donate


Own amount

We are grateful for all and any amount you are able to offer towards running of our home. The starting amount is ZMW 160.00 (USD 10.00).

You can multiply it in the cart as many times as you wish.

Support of education

For young people in Secondary Schools: ZMW 1,200.00 (USD 70.00) will pay for boarding fees for one school term for one student (we have 3 terms in 1 school year).

For children in Primary Schools, the same amount will buy a uniform, shoes and a school bag, pens, pencils and notebooks for one student.

One child one month

This allows us to provide all necessities for one child for a month. These include clothing, food, medical care and all necessary travel to establish  and maintain contact with his family.



From Zambia

You can easily donate the amount of your choice by simply using Swish App on your mobile phone.
We are very grateful for all and any donation! It is what takes us to another day.
​Simply scan the QR Code and follow prompts on your screen.
No gift is too small, when given from the heart!

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